Cold stone Set Giveaway


Sundays or Mondays in July

(Excluding July 1st)

Swipe at a kiosk that day to see if you qualify for a free gift!

Earn 100 points (4:00 am – 9:59 pm) then swipe the kiosk on Sunday or Monday to receive the featured gift of the week.

July’s Gifts: Ice Cream Lover’s Cold Stone Set

  • Milkshake Maker
  • Milkshake Glass Set
  • Pint Ice Cream Maker
  • Waffle Bowl Maker


Players must earn 100 slot tier points from 4 am – 9:59 pm on Sunday or Monday. Redemption between 10 am – 10 pm at Players Club. Points must be earned the same day to redeem. Points cannot stack between Sunday and Monday. Limit one (1) gift per person per week. Offer subject to availability. While supplies last. Guests must be a Players Club member to participate. Management reserves all rights.